Being a Medical Intuitive

I help people get to the root cause of health problems both acute and chronic. My training in blood chemistry, anatomy, physiology, pathology, iris analysis, and my innate ability to sense energy imbalances in and around the body guide me to discovering the causation of illness. I use intuition and medical science to unravel mysteries that have plagued people for years. Perhaps a better explanation of what I do is detective work, in that I follow physical, mental and emotional symptoms to their point of origin. Finding the first wound is the key to understanding how to not just treat symptoms but to bring healing on all levels. Symptoms are the guideposts that direct me to where and how the body needs healing. Understanding that there may be deeper issues behind the physical expression allows me to give my clients insight into their past and present experiences, and how emotional patterns may be the root cause of some of the physical imbalances. Energy medicine works so well with chronic conditions because it goes back to the original condition that set off a cascade of symptoms that followed. Finding the wound and allowing for the release of any emotional or energetic trauma is like pulling a thread that allows for the tapestry of illness to come undone.  


What often begins as a simple cough can become asthma, or what was a simple whiplash can transform into debilitating headaches and anxiety. Whenever our bodies are physically challenged, symptoms arise to protect and defend. If the body goes into hypervigilance, it sets off a cascade of physiological stress responses beginning with the bone marrow, which produces osteocalcin, which then tells the nervous system to go into hyperdrive, causing a reaction from the vagus nerve. That nerve touches all of our internal organs as well as fascia. When the body is unable to move out of fight, fright, freeze, and fawn, the acute symptoms become deeper and more chronic, affecting the enteric nervous system, what we call the gut. In an effort to maintain homeostasis, the body now triggers the production of mast cells from the bone marrow, causing global inflammation throughout the body, even possibly causing autoimmune disorders. This is one of the many chains of events and physiological responses that I address with my clients.